We're in Beta and we're starting slowly by only supporting Reddit. There's more on the way. 😀


Sample report for Reddit

My Posts

Your total number of posts

Total comments on your posts

Total up votes on your posts

Total down votes on your posts

Percentage up/down of each

My Activity

Your total number of comments

Your total number of up votes

Your total number of down votes

Percentage up/down of each

Notable Comments

See your best comment

See your worst comment

Here's a glimpse at what else we're working on.

Google Analytics

Sample report for Google Analytics


Number of users browsing

Sessions or single visit total

Average time users are on your site

Total times a page has been viewed


Number of your direct visitors

Total users that arrived via search

Users that arrived from another site

Social media driven user total

Top Pages

Top 3 pages based on pageview

Average time spent per page


Top 3 locations based on sessions

Broken down to country and city

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Sample report for Instagram


Your number of posts

Comments on your posts

Likes of your posts

New followers

Percent of change for each

Your Averages

Engagement across posts

Average likes

Average comments

Percent of change for each

Notable Performers

Post with the highest engagement

Post with the lowest engagement

Top tag and filter