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We built Readable Report to help you visualize and understand your data.

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Nathan Smith


I'm a self taught programmer who enjoys creating simple solutions to complex problems.

Technology is meant to make things easier, but is often hampered by superfluous complexity. I developed Readable Report to bring clarity and simplicity to people and businesses swimming in an ocean of data.

Above all, I want to build great products, hire great people, and cultivate a culture of transparency and discovery.

Stephen Erke


I have a passion for art and design. I believe user experience is driven by purpose and colored by beauty.

Complex ideas should be translated and presented in such a way as to be easily understood.

The goal is not to make something dead simple, but to appropriately present the information to the user.

I want to go to work everyday to make great things and build a great company.


Designed and built in Peoria, Il.