Our Values

Inquisitive and always learning.

We strive for consistent progression, we ask questions, and we don’t make assumptions. We understand this is not a linear method as there are highs and lows, but our focus remains on betterment.

Honesty and transparency are standard.

We act in truthfulness and honesty at all times. Transparency is about respect for the user as well as respect for ourselves. Our driving force is to make great products and to do so with integrity.

Humble, but not ordinary.

We strive to do our best and do so with humility. What we create is not only for us, but for many others. Critique, praise, and feedback is never personally absorbed, but seen as crucial building blocks.

Failure is okay, when you learn from it.

We believe failure can lead to positive and substantial growth. Our approach is to ask, listen, and contemplate before we act. We measure ourselves by how we react to our mistakes.

Community support and respect.

We aim to give back to the community of ideas, tools, services, and platforms that we use to build our products. Without a strong community we would not be able to achieve our vision.