About Us

We built Readable Report to help you visualize and understand your data.

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Nathan Smith


I'm a self taught programmer who enjoys creating simple solutions to complex problems.

Technology is meant to make things easier, but is often hampered by superfluous complexity. I developed Readable Report to bring clarity and simplicity to people and businesses swimming in an ocean of data.

Above all, I want to build great products, hire great people, and cultivate a culture of transparency and discovery.

Stephen Erke


I love art and design. My favorite artist is Anselm Kiefer and my favorite designer is Dieter Rams

I believe a user's experience should be driven by purpose and described by beauty.

Complex ideas should be presented in such a way as to be easily understood. The approach should not be concernced with making something dead simple, but to give the user appropriate context and clues.

We go to work everyday to make great things and build a company filled with different, interesting, and diverse people.

Designed and built in Peoria, Il.